A pygmy giraffe is a breed of giraffe much smaller than the animals found in the African grasslands. This breed grows to about 5 or 6 feet tall and is sometimes kept as a pet. More »

Baby pygmy marmosets use vocalizations known as 'babbling' that are functionally similar to a human baby's babbling noises; these vocalizations help the baby pygmy marmoset practice using its vocal anatomy and also serve... More »

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Miniature pygmy goats are for sale online at MiniGoats.com, MiniLivestock.com and Buck-n-EarsRanch.com. MiniGoats.com has a waiting list for potential buyers who are notified when kidding season begins. Their goats are s... More »

The general giraffe population throughout Africa is starting to decline, with the West African giraffe having the lowest population at less than 300. With less than 80,000 giraffes in Africa, the Giraffe Conservation Fou... More »

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According to National Geographic, a giraffe can reach a height of 19 feet and can weigh as much as 2,800 pounds. Giraffes use their height to reach tall trees and other vegetation where they feed on leaves and buds. The ... More »

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The main predators of the giraffe are humans, lions and crocodiles, explains the African Wildlife Foundation. Lions and crocodiles hunt the giraffe for food. However, humans hunt the giraffe not only for food but also fo... More »

The giraffe is adapted to its habitat by being able to reach high food with its long neck and tall body. This gives it an advantage during times of food scarcity and drought when the only sustenance is up high on trees. More »