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African pygmies live in several ethnic groups in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Republic of Congo (ROC), the Central African Republic, Cameroon, the Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Madagascar, and Zambia. There are at least a dozen pygmy groups, sometimes unrelated to each other.


The African Pygmies (or Congo Pygmies, variously also "Central African foragers", "African rainforest hunter-gatherers" (RHG) or "Forest People of Central Africa") are a group of tribal ethnicities, traditionally subsisting in a forager and hunter-gatherer lifestyle, native to Central Africa, mostly the Congo Basin.


Pygmies.org is a website dedicated to the hunter-gatherer peoples living in Central African rainforests, commonly called Pygmies.The main aim of these pages is to provide an introduction to their cultures and to promote their protection, documenting their richness and showing some of the factors that increasingly threaten their survival.


Pygmies of Central Africa 1905 Platinum print, 1905 6 1/8 in. x 8 in. (157 mm x 203 mm) Given by House of Commons Library, 1974 . Sir John Benjamin Stone (9 February 1838 – 2 July 1914), known as Benjamin, was a British Conservative politician, and noted photographer. …


The 'Pygmies' Displacement and discrimination devastating forest dwellers Across the forests of central Africa, forest peoples have lived by hunting and gathering for millennia. But in the past few decades their homelands have been devastated by logging, war and encroachment from farmers.


If the Pygmies of Central Africa don’t survive the assortment of threats currently assailing them, says a leading anthropologist, the continent will lose an important part of its “genetic and ...


In the Dzanga-Sangha forest, Baka Pygmies are struggling to maintain their traditional way of life in the face of logging, poaching and a lack of healthcare


Pygmy peoples from Central Africa: culture, music and rituals of the African rainforest hunter-gatherers, commonly called "Pygmies". Photos, soundscapes and ethnographic notes from anthropological and ethnomusicological field research in Cameroon and Gabon. Includes images of the public ceremonies of the Baka initiation rite.