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There is more than one way to do a push-up. If you are going to do 100 push-ups, then doing them correctly is of vital importance. Form and positioning of your body are key to performing 100 push-ups.


In order to increase the number of possible push-ups, first do as many push-ups as possible to get a benchmark number. Then take the benchmark number, and divide it in half. Next, perform the divided number of push-ups every 1 to 2 hours. The focus should remain on qual...


Strengthening the muscles of the back, abs and glutes is the best way to get better at doing pushups, according to Well+Good. For women, this often means moving from "women's" knee-based pushups to "men's" pushups balanced on the hands and toes, as Military.com points o...


Push ups strengthen muscles in the chest, arms, shoulders, back, neck, and abdomen. In addition, push ups provide stability to the torso and promote muscle endurance, good posture and overall fitness.


Push-ups work the muscles of the stomach, arms and chest, notes the Huffington Post, such as the pectoralis, the deltoid, the triceps brachii, the serratus anterior, the coracobrachialis and the abdominal muscles. There are many different variations of the push-up that ...


The number of push-ups you should do a day depends on the result of your push-up fitness test. First, do the highest number of push-ups you can in 2 minutes. Determine the repetition count per set by dividing the number of push-ups done by three; do three sets per day.


The inventor of the modern push-up, according to SOPHIA-FIT, was Jerick Revilla, who came up with the exercise technique in 1905. The Roman emperor Constantine has also been credited with creating this form of exercise.


An individual can improve on standard push-ups by using proper form, increasing resistance and training consistently. Varying the workout, and allowing time for muscles to rest and recover also help.


To do handstand push ups, practice handstands to learn how to balance, build up the strength necessary, practice handstand push ups against a wall and then do one without any assistance. Depending on your fitness level, It can take months or years to perform a handstand...


To do 100 push-ups in six months, you need to complete a push-up workout three times a week. Begin with just a few counter push-ups at first, then gradually increase the number and difficulty level until you are doing 100 full push-ups during each workout.