Pascal is a general purpose, high-level procedural programming language that was designed and developed by Niklaus Wirth and named after the French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal. It was specifically created... More » Technology Computer Programming

Procedural oriented programming is a list or set of instructions telling a computer what to do step by step and how to perform from the one code to the next code. It focuses on the process rather than data. More »

Perl is a general-purpose computer programming language developed by Larry Wall in 1987. It borrows heavily from other programming languages, such as C, Lisp, Unix shell, PHP, Python, Ruby, Pascal and Microsoft Windows P... More » Technology Computer Programming

Blaise Pascal's chief accomplishments included the invention of a mechanical calculator, the development of Pascal's triangle and the refutation of the belief in the impossibility of vacuums. Pascal was also a devout Chr... More »

Arduino C programming is a simplified version of the C++ programming language that integrates libraries and concepts specific to the Arduino platform. Arduino is an open-source micro-controller platform used in embedded ... More » Technology Computer Programming

G-code programming is a component of the numerical control programming language used to provide operational instructions to automated machines. The code instructs machines on what action they need to perform to accomplis... More » Technology Computer Programming

In order to learn a programming language, you must first choose a language to learn, install any necessary software, and begin practicing by following tutorials and other instructional sources. For your first language, y... More » Technology Computer Programming