The best way to sell a purebred dog is to an official breeder of that specific kind of dog, as selling the dog through other means is considered shady and even illegal. Dog breeders have licenses and training and tend to... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

The Target Corporation mascot dog is a purebred white bull terrier. Her first name was Spot until the company changed it to Bullseye. The bull terrier came from the breeder Skyline Bull Terriers in Massachusetts. More »

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular small dog breeds. The poodle is another popular dog with curly fur. The dachshund, another small breed, is also known as a wiener dog because of its long body. More »

The best way to find a Havanese breeder is to go through the breeder directories of organizations such as the American Kennel Club or the Havanese Club of America. Local kennel clubs are also a good option to find breede... More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

The easiest way to find purebred dogs that are registered with the American Kennel Club is to visit the AKC website and use their search tool to look for affiliated breeders. They can also be found through newspaper clas... More »

The best way to find a healthy Labrador puppy is to buy the dog from a reputable breeder. New owners should make sure the parents have been tested for genetic problems common to the breed. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs

The best way to find pedigreed Rhodesian ridgeback puppies for sale is to find a reputable breeder. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States maintains a directory of breeders, as does the American Kennel Club. More » Pets & Animals Pets Dogs