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A stock photo is a professional photo available for commercial use with certain usage limitations. Stock photography is used for commercial purposes such as marketing materials instead of hiring a photographer to create original images.


FreeDigitalPhotos.net, StockFreeImages.com and FreeImages.com are three websites that offer free stock photos. Royalty-free images are available on each site with free membership, but each site asks for attribution for each photo used.


Stock photography can be used to present a rough draft of an idea; if time is of the essence; with low budgets; and with brochures, book covers, websites, newspapers, projects and more. Usage rights vary from site to site and from license to license.


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Unplash.com, Suprfamous.com and Picjumbo.com are some of the many good websites for free stock photos. Some of the websites require image source attribution while others do not.


As of 2015, some of the best sites to get high-resolution, high-quality stock photos include Unsplash, Little Visuals and IM Free. The photos on these sites can be used for commercial purposes, and the sites constantly release new content.


Some of the top free stock photo websites include Free Images, MorgueFile and Picjumbo. These searchable sites offer large selections of free stock images to use on websites or for other projects.


Download stock photos for free using sites such as PicJumbo and MorgueFile. Both sites offer substantial collections of free images for users to search and download, many of which do not require attribution.


You can find stock photos of children on Stockvault or Shutterstock. Both websites feature a stock photo category exclusively for photos of children. Stockvault features free images in addition to paid premium images, while Shutterstock requires payment for all images.