There are eight main pulse points in the human body. These pulse points are in the wrists, at the sides of the lower jaw, at the temples, on the side of the neck, on the inner biceps, behind the knee, in the groin and on... More »

According to, pulse points are located throughout your body. The main pulse points can be found on the wrist and neck, and the pulse point on the wrist is on the inside of the wrist by the thumb. More »

WebMD recommends placing the forefinger and middle finger of your dominant hand on top of the person's foot at the area where the big toe and first toe meet the foot to check for a pulse in the foot. Gently feel along th... More »

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Whether looking to help relieve pain or inflict it, pressures points exist throughout the human body, from the temples to the ankles and feet. For headaches, move your fingers in circles on the flat area on each side of ... More »

The longest bone in the human body is the femur, which is also called the thigh bone. On average, it is about 20 inches long, according to Infoplease. More »

The loin is located below the rib cage just below the pelvis on the human body, according to Commonly referred to as loins, the loin area of the human body refers specifically to the sides below the ribs t... More »

The mouth is considered the dirtiest place in the human body. It carries the largest amount of bacteria and germs. More »