Pain, infection, abscess and failing to remove the tooth entirely are risks when an individual pulls a tooth on his own, states Paul M. Loper, DDS. Despite these risks, some instances of pulling teeth are acceptable with... More » Health Dental

Professional dental extraction is the best treatment for loose tooth. Pulling the loose tooth using a string or dental floss may include drawing out the gum that surrounds it, which causes more damage. More » Health Dental

It is possible to pull out a tooth, particularly a baby tooth, at home by wrapping the tooth in gauze and gently pulling, according to Modern Mom. A tooth should be extracted at home only if it is already loose enough to... More » Health Dental
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The only cure for an abscessed tooth is treating the infection causing the abscess, according to MedicineNet. This generally involves taking oral antibiotics or visiting the dentist, who drains infection from the affecte... More » Health Dental

A tooth abscess is an infection in the tissue at the center of the tooth. It occurs when an opening caused by damage or decay in the enamel of the tooth allows bacteria to enter the tooth and begin to grow. More » Health Dental

A tooth abscess is not treatable at home, though temporary remedies that may give relief from its pain include warm compresses, over-the-counter painkillers and baking soda rinses, according to MedicineNet. However, the ... More » Health Dental

According to WebMD, an abscess can be treated by root canal surgery, tooth extraction, an incision in the gum or medicine. Treatment varies on the individual, but the goal of the dentist is to remove the infection, prese... More » Health Dental