Opinion surveys are done by polling companies across the country to collect views of various demographics of a given population. Some of the leading companies that do opinion surveys include Gallup, YouGov, Angus Reid Pu... More »

The main purpose of public opinion polls is the analysis of opinions on a given issue within a given population. Other purposes of public opinion polls may be to educate, inform and entertain. More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

An example of one of Gallup's best-known public opinion questions is presidential approval. The question is worded as follows: "Do you approve or disapprove of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president?" The ... More » Government & Politics Politics
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J.D. Power surveys collect a wide range of information about consumer demographics, such as age, gender, income level, ethnicity, and home or work location. The surveys also track customer satisfaction with products, inc... More » Business & Finance Industries

Popular opinion of Addleshaw, Bird & Mitchell is negative as of 2015, and the Better Business Bureau in New York City has issued an F rating to the sweepstakes-related business, states the BBB. The BBB received 12 compla... More »

Applebee's feedback surveys ask questions pertaining to the customer's server, the restaurant location, the total of the bill and time of the visit to establish basic information from the customer. Customer feedback surv... More »

Sign up to take surveys with Valued Opinions by visiting and filling out its online registration form, which asks for your name, gender, age and email address, as of 2015. Once you activate the account... More »