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Cash Assistance. To help stop the spread of COVID-19, many HRA locations are consolidating until further notice. If your needs cannot be met by ACCESS HRA, call 311 or consult the HRA Locations page for more information.. All in-person HRA appointments have been cancelled.


Public assistance for utility and energy bills in NY. Utility and heating bill assistance is provided in New York from the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). The formal name of the public resource is the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and it can help qualified households pay their home energy bills.


Emergency Assistance to Needy Families (EAF) - provides assistance to meet the emergency needs of pregnant women and families with at least one child under age 18, or under age 19 and regularly attending full time secondary school. Emergency Safety Net Assistance (ESNA) - provides emergency assistance to single adults and childless couples.


Public Assistance - Related Links TANF. ... Stamp program provides monthly benefits to low-income households to help pay for the cost of food. A household may be one person living alone, a family, or several, unrelated individuals living together who routinely purchase and prepare meals together.


This is also a cash assistance program that is generally short term in nature. As with any form of public aid, there are maximum amounts that can be paid out as well. If the benefit is going to a single individual, note the maximum is $735 per month.


Massachusetts empowers low-income individuals and families to meet their basic needs and achieve economic self-sufficiency. The Commonwealth and the federal government provide a combination of food, financial, and job support to reach these goals ...


For example, a single person living alone cannot make more than $25,520 and a family of four cannot make more than $52,400. Note: A household is automatically eligible to receive weatherization assistance if an individual within the dwelling unit receives Supplemental Security Income. Below is a chart of income guidelines.


They may either provide financial assistance or refer you to local community organizations. Search for Financial Assistance from the Government. Benefits.gov is a free website that can help you determine which types of government assistance you might qualify for. You can also find out how and where to apply.


If you are single there are a number of welfare benefits that you could qualify for. The type and amount you receive will vary from person to person. Some people can receive welfare benefits even while they are working, as long as their income falls below a certain level.


The gross income threshold ranges from $1,174 for a single-person household to $4,010 for an eight-member household, with another $406 for each additional person. The net income thresholds are $903 for a single person up to $3,085 for eight people, with a further $312 for each additional person.