Pterodactyl is a term used to classify a group of flying reptiles that existed in a variety of sizes; with wingspans ranging from a few inches to over 40 feet. Thus height depends on which pterodactyl is in question. More » Science Biology Zoology

Pterodactyls were carnivorous creatures that fed mainly on fish. Their long mouths contained about 90 teeth, enabling them to easily scoop up fish and quickly chew them into small pieces that were easy to digest. Contrar... More » Pets & Animals Dinosaurs

Pterodactyls lived in Europe, Australia, North America and Africa; many pterodactyl fossils have been found in the Bavarian region in Germany. During the Jurassic Period, when the pterodactyl lived, Bavaria was a wetland... More » Pets & Animals Dinosaurs
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The wingspan of the largest species of pteranodon (the term employed by working paleontologists as opposed to the culturally popular term "pterodactyl") was up to 30 feet. This wingspan is much larger than that of any mo... More » Pets & Animals Dinosaurs

The kinds of animals that live in wetlands include a wide variety of birds, fish, frogs, reptiles and mammals. The specific species of animals that are found in wetlands are determined by the wetland's location. For exam... More » Science Biology Zoology

Spain has a diverse array of native animals, including a wide variety of deer, tortoises, bats, amphibians, small reptiles and snakes. Spain is also home to some endangered species, including Cantabrian brown bears, Iber... More » Science Biology Zoology

The Marine West Coast is known to have a variety of animals, including various bird species, sea creatures, reptiles and mammals. The green vegetative covering and availability of water in this type of climate makes it p... More » Science Biology Zoology