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Pseudocode explains a computer programming algorithm in logical, rational terms in the format of computer programming lines without creating an actual programming code. Pseudocode helps programmers visualize the steps needed to write programs with mathematical functions, Boolean logic and parameters


The "brain" of a computer is its central processing unit, generally called a CPU. The speed of processors is generally measured in gigahertz, but processors with higher speeds don't necessarily perform better than those with lower speeds.


Some good Dummies manuals for using a computer include "Build Your Own PC Do-It-Yourself For Dummies," "Computers For Seniors For Dummies" and "Digital Literacy For Dummies," according to Dummies.com. The Dummies series offers dozens of manuals for both beginners and advanced computer users.


The book "Mechanics of Materials for Dummies" by James H. Allen exists, and as of 2014 it is available on Amazon. The book is available in paperback as well as eBook format and has 384 pages.


According to For Dummies, "French For Dummies" is a book and CD set from the For Dummies brand that teaches readers to speak, read and write the French language quickly and informally. A new expanded edition features audio clips, practice questions and a dictionary.


Excel tutorials for dummies are available. Sites such as Udemy and Microsoft offer online computer training courses including step-by-step Excel video tutorials for beginners. Udemy charges for their online courses, but it is possible to find free Excel tutorials online, according to Skilled Up.


Computer dictionary definition of what pseudocode means, including related links, information, and terms. Pseudocode may refer to any of the following: 1. Alternatively referred to as p-code, pseudocode is a computer programming language that resembles plain English that cannot be compiled or execut


Pseudocode stands for "false code." It is lines of statements that are used as a rough first draft of real computer code, regardless of the computer code language that will take its place during the real coding phases. Writing pseudocode in Visual Basic is similar to writing regular pseudocode, exce


Pseudocode is nothing more than a set of steps or a plan on how you will write computer code to complete a task. There is no specific format, and there are no syntax rules for how to write pseudocode. The primary requirement is that the pseudocode writer must be able to understand what to do and whe


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