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Pseudocode explains a computer programming algorithm in logical, rational terms in the format of computer programming lines without creating an actual programming code. Pseudocode helps programmers visualize the steps needed to write programs with mathematical functions, Boolean logic and parameters


Super python refers to the widely used programming language Python; super() is a method, or a function of a class, that is used to explicitly alter the order and function of a class's object-oriented inheritance.


Python is an easy to use and relatively new programming language that you can use to do many things. For example, you could make a sentence all lowercase using Python.


Pythons live in Africa, Asia, Florida and Australia. Depending on the species, they are found in swamps, rainforests, grasslands, marshes and desert hills, primarily in rocky outcrops, tree branches and burrows.


In the wild, pythons eat a wide variety of different animals, including lizards, birds, rodents and other small animals. Pythons are generally ambush hunters that catch and eat whatever they can, and some bigger pythons have been known to eat monkeys, pigs and even small leopards.


Some options for learning the Python programming language include attending college classes, taking online courses or using online tutorials, or learning from books. There are many free online resources for learning the language, and books on the program can often be checked out from the library.


The reticulated python, the largest snake in the world, measures 30 feet long. Pythons attack people only if they are surprised, provoked or protecting their offspring.


The requirements to begin programming in Python are a working installation of Python, an IDE and text editor appropriate for the language, and basic instruction in how to program with Python. This instruction is available in free online books and courses. These instructional materials are offered by


The syntax for the "not equal" operator is != in the Python programming language. This operator is most often used in the test condition of an "if" or "while" statement.


Although it is rare, there have been documented cases of pythons eating humans. The victims are typically children or otherwise small in stature, as the broad shoulders of adults are too large for most pythons to swallow.