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Changes in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) can be described mathematically in various ways, including PSA velocity (PSAV) and PSA doubling time (PSA DT). PSAV has primarily been used to help predict the risk and aggressiveness of prostate cancer (pCA) [1–3].


Using these data, Vickers and his colleagues calculated PSA velocity and estimated its sensitivity and specificity for prostate cancer detection. Of the 5,519 men in the placebo arm, PSA velocity usage would have led to 548 (almost 10% of the study population) additional biopsies, 433 (79%) of which would have been negative.


Prostate-specific antigen velocity calculated with three measurements as previously described 10 is contestable, as it is an average of two or more mean velocities. In 13 cases, PSA velocity could ...


A total of 145,593 PSA values were assessed. The study showed that for men aged 40 to 59 years, a PSA velocity above 0.25 ng/mL/year can improve sensitivity with reasonable specificity. For men aged 60 to 70, a PSA velocity of 0.50 ng/mL/year is a reasonable cutoff, Dr. Moul reported.


Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and PSA-velocity (PSAV) have been used to identify men at risk of prostate cancer (PrCa). The IMPACT study is evaluating PSA screening in men with a known genetic ...


These 2 variables may represent useful tools for risk stratification of prostate cancer in low PSA ranges, and a direct comparison between %free PSA and these modified PSA forms would have been interesting. 25, 26 However, previous reports on PSA velocity demonstrated that PSA velocity was not an independent predictor of prostate cancer at ...


PSA Velocity: The rate of rise of the PSA over time is called PSA velocity. A change in PSA of more than 0.5 ng/ml per year indicates presence of prostate cancer. PSA Density: The vast majority of men (80%) with elevated PSA have serum levels in the range of 4.0 to 10.0 ng/ml


PSA velocity calculates the rise of 3 consecutive PSA values over time. A PSA velocity of 0.75 ng/ml in one year raises the risk that a man is developing prostate cancer. Of concern is men with a ...


The Prostate Tumor Volume & Density calculator measures prostate tumor volume and PSA density. This is an unprecedented time. It is the dedication of healthcare workers that will lead us through this crisis. Thank you for everything you do. COVID-19 Resource Center. Calc Function ;


PSA stands for perfect sensitivity approximation, and to find this value would normally require some annoying math, but there is a PSA method calculator that you can use online that streamlines the process and makes it much more manageable.