To prune, wait until the grapevines are dormant for the season, then identify and remove old growth that has already produced fruit. Trim off all weak or damaged canes, and trim new growth that has not yet produced fruit... More »

Grape vine pruning tips include paying attention to which cane bore fruit the year before and keeping the strongest shoots so that the vine can grow vertically. The pruning method depends on several factors, including wh... More »

Spur-pruning refers to cutting back dormant grapevine canes, leaving "spurs" of two or three dormant buds. In cane pruning, the gardener removes all but two canes from each vine and positions each remaining pair of canes... More »

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Winter is the appropriate season for pruning grapevines, although growers can prune any time after the leaves drop in the fall and before new buds form in the spring. Growers in severely cold climates can protect their v... More »

Early in the growing season, treat most forms of grapevine leaf disease by applying a sulfur fungicide to the vines every one to two weeks or more often when it rains. If the disease infects ripening fruit, you may be un... More »

The Tomato Growers Supply Company sells seeds for growing different types of tomatoes, including early season tomatoes, oxhearts, beefsteak tomatoes, small fruited tomatoes and various colors of the fruit. The site also ... More »

Dragon fruit, also known as pitaya or pitahaya, is a tropical fruit with a growing season of June to late December. It is mildly sweet and low in calories. The fruit grows best close to the equator. More »