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Pruning should be done in the winter, just before new growth begins to appear in the spring. If the tree is newly planted, prune it to an open-centered shape. If it is more established, prune away all but four evenly spaced branches which serve as the tree's primary scaffold branches.


A fig tree can safely be pruned in winter, which is when it goes into its dormant season. Heavy pruning should only be done only during the tree's first two dormant seasons.


The YouTube channel of Prune Like a Pro features several instruction videos on how to prune fig trees. The species covered include the Fruiting Fig (Ficus Carica) and the Weeping Fig (Ficus Nitida).


In South Carolina, fig trees should be pruned during the winter months after the coldest weather is done but before any new growth begins in the spring. Figs require only a little pruning to keep the crown open and remove any dead wood.


Care for a fig tree by planting it in a good site, adding a layer of mulch, watering it regularly and fertilizing it as necessary. Prune the tree only to lightly shape it or remove dead, damaged and diseased wood.


A fig tree should be planted in bright but not direct sunlight. It thrives in soil that's rich and full of humus but also well-drained. It needs a fair amount of water and should be misted if it's brought indoors.


Fig trees, like any young tree, grow by receiving plenty of sunshine and protection from strong winds. They also require regular watering, fertilization and soil aeration.


Fig trees do best in full sunlight and need plenty of room to grow. Fertile and well-draining soil is a requirement. They do not require frequent pruning, and a good time to do it is in the early winter just before growth begins, to avoid injuring the plant.


Because fig trees derive from the Mediterranean, those planted in cooler climates require frost protection during winter months, explains Gardening Know How. At the end of the growing season, prune weak and sick branches less likely to survive the winter that may pull energy away from healthier part


When preparing to trim a fig tree, cover your hands and arms. Fig trees produce a sap that can be irritating to skin. Trimming a fig tree requires garden clippers and can be completed in one afternoon.