Apple juice alleviates symptoms of constipation, particularly for children and infants, as its sugars pass through the digestive system unabsorbed. Typical remedies for infant constipation include giving babies between 2... More » Food Beverages Juice

Prune juice helps improve digestion, fight free radicals, lower blood pressure, and regulate blood-sugar levels. It is a good source of nutrients needed to maintain overall health. More » Health Nutrition & Diets Nutritional Content

Prune juice has a mild laxative effect, which some people experience more powerfully than others, and common side effects of drinking prune juice include bloating and gas, according to SFGate. Drinking excessive amounts ... More » Food Beverages Juice
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Apple juice can spoil if it is not used by the manufacturer's expiration date or if it is improperly stored. Whether or not it is refrigerated at the time of purchase largely determines how it should be stored to prevent... More » Food Beverages Juice

Apple juice begins to ferment between 12 hours after production and a few days, if kept in a sterile container in sufficiently warm weather. The fermentation process continues for between seven days and a few months, dep... More » Food Beverages Juice

Apple juice begins to boil when it reaches a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius, or 320 degrees Fahrenheit. It reaches its boiling point at a higher temperature than water due to its sugar content. More » Food Beverages Juice

Apple juice is a natural diuretic. It also offers a number of other detoxifying health benefits and helps to lower cholesterol. More » Food Beverages Juice