Consumers can protect themselves against identity theft by not giving personal information in response to email or phone messages, keeping information in a safe place, and replacing lost or stolen identification cards, r... More » Government & Politics Crime

A satellite dish can be protected against snow by using a satellite dish heater, a fabric cover or a spray that repels moisture. These methods can cost anywhere from $30 to $180, as of 2015. Some major satellite provider... More » Technology Television & Video

There is a single-shot vaccine for yellow fever, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People visiting areas where yellow fever exists should obtain the vaccination at least 10 days prior to arriva... More » Health Conditions & Diseases
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The Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act passed in 2004 made identity theft an aggravated crime and put in place a mandatory two year prison sentence for the transgression, reports Identity Theft Awareness. This senten... More »

Consumers should put credit reports, not Social Security numbers, on fraud alert when they suspect identity theft or other misuse of financial or personal information, reports the Federal Trade Commission. The Office of ... More » Government & Politics Crime

A variety of resources regarding identity theft are available on the official IRS webpage on These resources provide a wide range of information, including how to reduce the risk ... More » Government & Politics Crime

To report identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission website to file a report, then call the three major credit bureaus to create a fraud alert for your file. Contact your banking institution, then fill out a pol... More » Government & Politics Crime