The major advantages of hybrid cars are that they have lower fuel consumption than standard automobiles, but this is offset by the higher cost of most hybrid models. In addition, a hybrid car's advantages in fuel efficie... More »

Refurbished car batteries are less expensive than new ones. However, as time goes by, refurbished batteries do not accept as much of a charge as they once did, and depending on the state of the internal components, their... More »

Picking a car involves deciding which car features, such as the size and type, energy type and power, best suit the user's lifestyle. Families typically need larger vehicles, such as sedans, station wagons, SUVs and mini... More »

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Several websites offer specifications for the latest and even older models of automobiles, including the Edmunds, Car and Driver, Motor Trend and Autobytel websites. In addition, every manufacturer has the specifications... More »

Dodge has produced approximately 50 models of U.S. market automobiles throughout its history, not including its truck and van products. It is difficult to precisely list the different types of cars Dodge has produced due... More »

Some pros and cons of recycling are that recycling reduces energy consumption and pollution, but it also has a high initial cost and many recycled products are not durable. In general, however, the positive aspects of re... More »

While remanufactured Dodge engines provide a high level of quality for a lower cost than new engines, they may carry greater risk of breakdowns and mechanical issues. Remanufactured engines are engines that have suffered... More »