Online businesses such as NextAce and let individuals perform a title search by entering the property address into a search field. NextAce charges a fee of $29.95 for a title search package and $29.95 f... More »

Transferring a property deed generally requires a lawyer to create a new title in the names of the new title holders. To do so, the lawyer needs the names of the new owners of the property, the legal physical description... More »

Adding someone to a property title requires the filing of a quitclaim deed, explains SFGate. This is a deed that allows you to override the deed currently in effect for the property. If there is an open mortgage on the p... More »

To look up a person in British Columbia using 411 White Pages, enter the person's name, address or phone number into the corresponding search field. Only individuals who are registered with BC White Pages appear in the d... More »

Doing a title search involves researching a property through the tax assessor’s records and visiting the county clerk for title information. Title searches can reveal ownership of the property and any existing liens. More » Government & Politics Public Records

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Information about specific property owners is available to the public and can be accessed using the Property Ownership search tool at the Property Shark website. It is necessary to sign up for a free basic account to use... More » Government & Politics Public Records