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If you are a property owner, or considering buying a piece of property, it may be important to know its history of ownership. You want to make sure there are no problems with the title that can prevent you from selling the property later on down the road. You also don't want to be taken by surprise by someone claiming the property as his own.


How Can You Find Out the Names of the Past Owners of a House? The names of past homeowner can be found by searching the chain of title on the home. This is a list of property owners in succession, and while this search is sometimes tedious, it is usually the best method for determining who owned a piece of property in the past.


To research the history of your house, look at its design and the materials used to build it, which can help date it. Go to your local courthouse or county recorder and find your property’s abstract. That will give you a complete history of when your house was built and purchased over the years.


This website provides direct, online public access to all property records and document data it has available for the United States and U.S. territories. Find mortgage, sales, and tax history – as well as owner records, property values and more.


Get information about property and land Contents. ... You may be able to find out current and past information about a registered property, such as its previous owners by requesting a copy of the ...


A property history search may not be one of your primary concerns during a real estate negotiation, and it should be. Knowing the previous owners of a home will tell you a great deal about how long that home might last you in the future. You may also need to track down these people for legal reasons if the current seller does not own the title outright.


She was able to trace the sale of the property through the previous 23 owners, as far back as the initial colonial landowner at the turn of the 18th century. The house itself is first mentioned specifically in a deed dated 1849, in which a man named George Van Kleek bought an 81-acre lot from his sister Theresa "with the provision that their ...


For efficient owner research, the owner search tool quickly generates an owner's complete portfolio. Ownership data is frequently updated, and to ensure accuracy the property ownership records are aggregated from multiple sources: Title documents Assessment rolls Permit data Notice addresses


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