A property deed is a legal document that transfers ownership of a property to another person, explains FindLaw. It contains information about the real estate, the names of the old and new owners, and the signature of the... More »

A grantor, or the seller of a property, is legally endowed to perform a transfer of property deed on his own, as long as he is considered competent, reports Investopedia. However, it is advised to consult with a qualifie... More »

A property deed contains the names of the former and new owners, a legal description of the property being sold, and the signature of the person transferring the deed, Nolo says. Real estate cannot be transferred without... More »

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In real estate, a 'gift deed' is a notarized document that transfers ownership of property to another person. Gift deeds are only used when there is no payment or compensation for the property that is being transferred. More »

A gifted property deed is a legal document that gives legal ownership of a piece of property from one person to another. Because it's intended as a gift, no money exchange is involved. More »

Title is a legal term that means ownership while a deed is a legal document that serves to transfer the title of a piece of property from one party to another. The terms are used most often in the field of real estate, b... More »

Changing the name on a real estate deed requires signing a new deed to transfer ownership to another person and then recording the deed in the jurisdiction where the property is located, according to Working... More »