Neither of the Property Brothers are married, as of 2015. Drew Scott is in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Linda Phan. Jonathan Scott is divorced and says he's in no rush to find the right woman. More » Art & Literature

Neither Drew Scott nor Jonathan Scott, the stars of HGTV's "Property Brothers," are married, as of early 2015. Jonathan Scott is divorced and Drew Scott is dating Linda Phan, Creative Director of the Scott Brothers Enter... More » Art & Literature

On the Canadian reality television series "Property Brothers," real-life twins Drew and Jonathan Scott help couples find, buy and transform slightly depreciated spaces into showy dream homes. The series debuted in 2011. More » Art & Literature

The Property Brothers on HGTV are twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott. They were born on April 28, 1978 in Vancouver, Canada. Their parents were not aware that they were having twins until their mother was in labor. More »

Born in Canada in 1978, Drew and Jonathan Scott's incursions into performing, real estate and television production culminated in their starring roles as the hosts of "Property Brothers." The identical twins established ... More » Art & Literature

The Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott has a degree in construction and design, and Drew Scott has a real estate license. The brothers got their start in the home flipping business in 2001 as a way to earn money while the... More »

The houses on the Property Brothers television show have been sold in Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia; Austin, Texas; and Atlanta. These are the locations where the show is filmed, as the brothers don't tak... More » Art & Literature