A propane torch can reach temperatures of up to 3,623 degrees Fahrenheit when used in the open air. The flame generated by a propane torch is made of an inner and outer flame. The inner flame is dark blue, while the oute... More »

Some recommended kinds of propane soldering torches include the Smith Little Torch, MECO Midget Torch and the Hoke Torch, according to GemSociety.org. These torches are commonly used for making jewelry. More »

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To use Torch Music, download the software, sign in to the browser and enter albums or song names into the search bar. Find additional music by clicking on titles friends or other Torch Music users are listening to. More »

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Propane has a maximum flame temperature of 3,595 degrees Fahrenheit. This value indicates the highest intensity of heat that propane gas generates when it is burning. More »

Industry safety standards require duct tape to be nonflammable and safe to use in temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Adhesive endurance is reduced in temperatures over 180 degrees Fahrenheit. More »

An Acetylene torch flame reaches a temperature of 3,500 degree C, or 6,330 degrees F. This high temperature is reached when oxygen and acetylene are combined and burned together after being released from two separate tan... More »

Propane and natural gas burn at nearly equal flame temperatures (3,560 degrees Fahrenheit). However, propane yields more energy per unit volume than natural gas does. For many years it was a commonly held belief that pro... More »