From October 2014 to March 2015, the average cost of propane in the United States ranged from around $2.30 to $2.40 per gallon. The cost of propane continually fluctuates due to a variety of different factors, including ... More » Science Environmental Science Natural Resources

Propane costs vary by location, delivery surcharges and the size of the tanks, which typically range from 100 to 1,500 gallons. The federal Energy Information Administration publication reported average costs of propane,... More » Business & Finance Household Budgets

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The full weight of a 30-pound propane tank is approximately 55 pounds, when the tank is completely filled. The size of a propane tank that holds 30 pounds of propane is a 7-gallon bottle. More »

Most of the few reviews available for L.B. White propane heater models on Amazon are positive, but there are some mixed reviews as well. Most reviewers agree that the units work well for heating a space, but some complai... More » Science Environmental Science Natural Resources

The main cause of fluctuations in gas prices is the fluctuating cost of crude oil. Other factors that impact gas prices are season of the year and weather-related disasters. More » Science Environmental Science Natural Resources

The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates the average cost of Brent crude oil for 2015 at $60 dollars per barrel. EIA projections predict production costs of $67 per barrel in 2016. More » Science Environmental Science Natural Resources