According to, the phonetic pronunciation of "bethphage" is "beth-FUH-jee." The Bible Workshop has a slightly different variation. It lists the phonetic pronunciation as "BEHTH-fuh-dzhee." More » is one site that offers a phonetic pronunciation guide for thousands of names. Other sites, including and, offer audio recordings of many names as well. More » Education

There is a pronunciation guide for basic Spanish at the Omniglot website. This includes a pronunciation guide to the Spanish alphabet (or "alfabeto"), enabling users to gain a better understanding of how to sound a varie... More » Education
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According to TakeLessons, the best way to learn the Japanese alphabets is to learn proper pronunciation, create flashcards and study the two primary Japanese alphabets simultaneously. Learning romaji can be helpful for r... More » Education sells Greek pronunciation software, in the form of language learning software like Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur, as well as beginner's dictionaries with audio CDs included. Logos software teaches users how to pr... More » Education

Cambridge Dictionaries Online, and Sounds: The Pronunciation App are some popular English word pronunciation aids as of 2015, while Forvo is a resource that offers word pronunciation in multiple languages. An... More » Education

To learn how to properly pronounce Hispanic names, read a pronunciation guide for every letter in the Spanish alphabet and for letter combinations that create unique sounds. Make each sound out loud as you read it. More »