According to, the phonetic pronunciation of "bethphage" is "beth-FUH-jee." The Bible Workshop has a slightly different variation. It lists the phonetic pronunciation as "BEHTH-fuh-dzhee." More » is one site that offers a phonetic pronunciation guide for thousands of names. Other sites, including and, offer audio recordings of many names as well. More » Education

One good exercise to improve pronunciation is to work on tongue agility by repeating the phrase, "Adults who play table tennis are extremely fit." For lip strength, concentrate on purposefully bringing the lips together,... More » Education

Two websites that provide name pronunciation guides are and Both sites allow users to browse lists of people, places and things or to enter their own search queries. More » Education

Cambridge Dictionaries Online, and Sounds: The Pronunciation App are some popular English word pronunciation aids as of 2015, while Forvo is a resource that offers word pronunciation in multiple languages. An... More » Education

One way to learn proper pronunciation is to listen to yourself speak via recording and compare how you sound to someone with better pronunciation skills. If English is not your first language, practicing the language wit... More » Education

One can usually pronounce the names of Nepal's tallest mountains correctly by using phonetic pronunciation. Several online dictionaries such as or offer the primary and alternat... More » Education