According to, the phonetic pronunciation of "bethphage" is "beth-FUH-jee." The Bible Workshop has a slightly different variation. It lists the phonetic pronunciation as "BEHTH-fuh-dzhee." More » is one site that offers a phonetic pronunciation guide for thousands of names. Other sites, including and, offer audio recordings of many names as well. More » Education

Phonetic transcriptions serve the purpose of indicating the pronunciation, or phonology, of a word, as well indicating which syllable to stress in multisyllable words. Widely spoken languages, such as English and French,... More » Education

While it is common to pronounce ancient Greek words with the same sounds and intonation of the speaker's native language, modern Greek has its own system of pronunciation. For example, modern Greeks pronounce the "eu" so... More » Education

Major topics covered on beginner Spanish tests include grammar, language function, pronunciation and vocabulary. Grammar is the set of rules that dictate how speakers form words and sentences in all natural languages, wh... More » Education

One way to learn proper pronunciation is to listen to yourself speak via recording and compare how you sound to someone with better pronunciation skills. If English is not your first language, practicing the language wit... More » Education

One can usually pronounce the names of Nepal's tallest mountains correctly by using phonetic pronunciation. Several online dictionaries such as or offer the primary and alternat... More » Education