Promo codes for American Jam provide more gems for players. There are new codes released every couple weeks, making the previous codes obsolete. Most codes will give either 500 or 1,000 gems to the player. More »

Shoppers can receive Nike promo codes by signing up for the community, states the Nike website. Members of the community receive free shipping deals, coupons and promo codes for Nike products, as well a... More »

To find Figi's promo code offers, visit, scroll down the page, and click the Figi's Coupons link. Current promotional codes are included on some of its coupons, and you can add the special code when prompted at... More »

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Animal Jam codes are special words that players of the game Animal Jam use in order to collect more gems for playing additional games within the game or for unlocking special items. The game allows players to use the gem... More »

In “Animal Jam,” players can unlock a secret color by clicking the bottom right corner of the color pallet when they change the color of their animals. They can also get gems by entering cheat codes "Shadows," "Adventure... More »

Interested players can create an account on "Animal Jam" by clicking the Play Now banner on the game's home page and choosing the Create An Animal option. Players can then choose their preferred animal and personalize th... More »

Some cheats for DragonVale include the cheat to gain more diamonds and coins, the cheat to get a free gem and the cheat to send gems to an original account. Additionally, there is the cheat to get three breeding cages ri... More »