To program a DirecTV remote control, access the Remote Control section in the Settings screen, and select the Program Remote option. Follow the instructions on the screen until the process is complete. In case the model ... More » Technology Television & Video

To program a Yamaha remote control, look up the model number of the TV or media device on the provided CD or user's manual, press the small Code Set button on the remote control using a pointed object such as a pen, pres... More »

The steps to programming a remote from Pioneer vary between models. The basic operation includes holding down the remote's main setup button before entering the specific manufacturer code of the TV or device in question. More »

In order to program an RCA DIRECTV remote, the individual must access the "Program Remote" option through the remotes "Menu" option. In some cases, a remote control code must be entered in order to locate the remote. More »

Programming a Toshiba remote control requires access to the remote control codes table found in the owner’s manual or user guide for the Toshiba device. Although many Toshiba remote controls include a “search” feature th... More »

The remote control code on a Sony TV is located in the e-support section of Sony's website. The user should write down the model type displayed on the remote, which is typically below the Sony logo at the bottom of the s... More » Technology Television & Video

To restore the App Store icon on an iPhone, access the Content Restrictions section in the Settings, slide the option next to App Store to On, or disable the restrictions altogether. If the App Store is not present on th... More » Technology Mobile