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Pro Sports Group is an incredible tool for those agents that are first starting out in the business.” John G. Bronkhorst “Pro Sports Group has provided me with a service any prospective sports agent would like to have.


A sports agent is a legal representative (hence agent) for professional sports figures such as athletes and coaches. They procure and negotiate employment and endorsement contracts for the athlete or coach whom they represent. Because of the unique characteristics of the sports industry, sports agents are responsible for communications with ...


Our directory contains only Certified and Registered Sports Agents, GUARANTEED! If you are an athlete looking for team tryouts, a certified sports agent has the contacts you need to get you in the door. If want to market products or services to professional athletes and sports executives, you must contact their sports agent.


The Professional Sports Agent Package is designed for individuals who want to get their career started on the “Fast Track” to success. Agents receive enhanced services and support. We provide you with collegiate connections and referrals from athletes looking for agents.

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The legal relationships between professional athletes, agents, teams, and leagues are paramount to the success of the professional sports world. It is through these relationships that not only athletes, but their agents as well, can make a living by working hand-in-hand with professional leagues and teams.


Sports agents who represent professional athletes find their work challenging and financially rewarding. Many people go into the field because they love sports and they enjoy working out the best deals for the people they represent. It can be a competitive and stressful field. Most agents go beyond ...


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Professional athletes consult with their sports agents regarding major purchases such as homes and automobiles, or consult with their sports agents regarding services such as legal, accounting, financial, insurance, relocating, trainers, marketing, and many other services.


The world's 50 most powerful sports agents have negotiated a cumulative $33.4 billion in active professional athlete contracts, netting them more than $1.6 billion in commissions.


My agent had bigger named clients from various realms of the sports and entertainment industries. He had starters in the NFL, starters in the Major Leagues, Real Housewives of New Jersey, the NBA, and so on.