Production planning ensures materials, equipment and employees are all available to meet production goals for a business. It also provides a detailed plan on how a company will reach its production goals and how long it ... More »

A production plan is a plan to ensure that goods are produced according to schedule. This includes purchasing and manufacturing details. More » Business & Finance Industries Manufacturing

Production planners improve an organization’s production and distribution process using their expertise on supply chain and distribution management. They organize paperwork, such as delivery schedules and purchase orders... More » Business & Finance Careers
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Detail recruitment strategies in a business plan by outlining the specific tactics for sourcing the new employees, such as posting on job sites or advertising in trade publications, along with the goals for filling posit... More »

Creating goals for a business ensures a focus on profitability, motivates employees and sets a basis for monitoring and evaluation. Goals are also important for employees' performance evaluations. More »

Strategic planning is a systematic process of envisioning the future, setting goals and formulating strategies to complete those goals. For example, a high school student decides upon a career path, identifies a college ... More »

Business strategy acts as a planning and organizational tool, helping companies set goals and objectives for long-term growth and development. Business strategy exists in two primary types, which are generic or general s... More »