Develop a product specifications sheet by detailing the product's features and organizing the features into groupings that make it easier for the reader to understand. This allows a customer to evenly compare a product a... More »

A cut sheet, often also referred to as a spec sheet, provides and describes the specifications of a particular product, service or property. Most purchased goods have a cut sheet included in the box. More » Business & Finance Industries Manufacturing

Specs for GE products are found on the GE Appliances website under the "Build With GE" section. To locate specific products, a search function is available that allows users to search by product model number. For those w... More » Home & Garden Appliances
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Tips for listing an item on a online marketplace like eBay and Craigslist include taking multiple pictures of the product that accurately represent its appearance and condition, writing honest descriptions that highlight... More »

Information that may appear in the sales and marketing section of a business plan includes the target audience for the company, the key features of the product, the major elements of the brand's identity and the budget f... More »

Write a new product introduction letter by using formal tone and simple language to provide key knowledge about the product, and by using selective information about the product to build anticipation and interest, sugges... More »

Starting to reach out to potential customers at least six to eight weeks before releasing a product can increase the odds of a successful launch; reaching out to people with significant influence can help as well. Covera... More »