Develop a product specifications sheet by detailing the product's features and organizing the features into groupings that make it easier for the reader to understand. This allows a customer to evenly compare a product a... More »

A cut sheet, often also referred to as a spec sheet, provides and describes the specifications of a particular product, service or property. Most purchased goods have a cut sheet included in the box. More » Business & Finance Industries Manufacturing

Specs for GE products are found on the GE Appliances website under the "Build With GE" section. To locate specific products, a search function is available that allows users to search by product model number. For those w... More » Home & Garden Appliances
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Information that may appear in the sales and marketing section of a business plan includes the target audience for the company, the key features of the product, the major elements of the brand's identity and the budget f... More »

Tips for listing an item on a online marketplace like eBay and Craigslist include taking multiple pictures of the product that accurately represent its appearance and condition, writing honest descriptions that highlight... More »

When writing a review for a mattress topper, explain how the features benefit the user in daily life and relate a personal story about using the topper, states Live Chat Inc. Good product reviews should hook the reader w... More » Home & Garden Furniture Beds & Mattresses

A bid sheet is a piece of paper placed in front of a silent auction item on which guests write their bids. Each silent auction item has its own bid sheet. Each sheet usually includes the item number, item name, descripti... More »