The process of transferring data from memory to a storage medium is called writing. This process is done by a storage device, which is any computing hardware that is capable of recording to and extracting objects from a ... More » Technology Digital Storage

Common types of data storage include traditional magnetic hard drives or tapes, optical storage such as CDs or DVDs, flash memory storage in solid-state drives or USB drives, and cloud or networked storage that archives ... More » Technology Digital Storage

Computer memory facilitates short-term data access while computer storage enables long-term data access. Storage includes drives (solid state, flash, optical, hard) and memory includes DRAM, SDRAM and RDRAM chips that lo... More » Technology Digital Storage
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The major benefit of a memory card with a large storage capacity comes from gaining more data storage for cameras, smartphones and tablets. This allows consumers to take more photos and shoot more videos without the need... More » Technology Digital Storage

The term "magnetic media" is used to refer to any storage medium that uses magnetic patterns to record information. Good examples of magnetic media include computer and video tapes, hard drives and floppy discs. More » Technology Digital Storage

Find memory card storage guides on, and and feature many guides and articles about memory card storage, including articles that address specific memory card typ... More » Technology Digital Storage

Look at storage and speed when comparing the capacity of digital camera memory cards. These metrics determine how fast a camera operates and how many images it can store during picture-taking. They also allow photographe... More » Technology Digital Storage