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Nov 13, 2019 ... We are often asked: Is human cremation toxic? ... The human or pet ashes obtained after the cremation process is what are placed inside the ...


A human cremation furnace is used in a crematorium. ... The cremation process takes place in a cremation chamber, also known as a retort, of a crematory.


Jun 19, 2019 ... The deceased is identified, and proper authorization is obtained. · The body is prepared and placed into a proper container. · The container with&nbs...


How does cremation work? Step by step process · The deceased is identified and proper authorisation is obtained. · The body is prepared and placed into a proper ...


What happens during the cremation process? ... container made of wood or other combustible material to allow for the dignified handling of human remains.


(The process may go by another name in your area, such as bio-cremation, ... Several local funeral homes offer alkaline hydrolysis for human remains.


Aquamation—sometimes called alkaline hydrolysis —is a gentle, environmentally friendly alternative to fire cremation. It is a quiet, water-based process ...


Depending on the situation, there may be a waiting period of up to 48 hours from the time of death before the human remains may be cremated.


Traditionally cremation is a process that involves flame to break down the remains ... combustion in a specialized chamber to reduce human remains to ash.


Sep 12, 2018 ... We just want to reassure them through the process." Promoted Stories. What happens after a cremation service? The furnaces used can reach ...


What is a cremation? ... Cremation is a process that uses intense heat to turn the remains of a person who has died into ashes. The cremation process takes place ...