When trimming arborvitae, Home Guides suggests cutting away vertical growth to open up the inside of the plant. Remove competing leaders by cutting them close to the ground in stages - trimming 1/3 of the limb at a time ... More »

A techny arborvitae tree should be planted in an area with full or partial sunlight in soil mixed with compost. If several are planted together, they should be spaced far enough apart to give them room to grow. The tree ... More »

To save a dying rose bush, remove decaying growth, prune the plant, apply mulch, water it, add fertilizer, and inspect the bush for pests. You need a soaker hose, coarse black mulch, a spray bottle, pruning shears, garde... More »

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To care for a holly shrub, plant the shrub in a sunlit area that drains well, water it on a weekly basis, use organic mulch to promote plant growth, and fertilize it during the fall. Also, prune the shrub lightly as desi... More »

Densiformis is a cultivar of yew with rounded growth as a young plant. It spreads with age to form a mound up to 4 feet high and 7 feet wide. It is usually used as a foundation plant, as a small hedge, or as a specimen p... More »

Trimming an azalea bush gives the plant a better shape and makes it fuller by stimulating new growth. The two types of pruning are moderate and heavy. Deadheading is another procedure that keeps the plant healthy. More »

Pruning an orange tree stimulates growth and improves the overall health of the plant. When pruning, look for green shoots, dead or damaged branches, limbs that hang too low to the ground, and branches that rub or damage... More »