Texas probate laws include the independent administration of an estate, which allows executors to wrap up an estate's affairs with minimal court supervision, according to Nolo. The small estate law allows people inheriti... More » Government & Politics Law

California state probate laws detail the legal proceedings that conclude a person's financial and legal affairs after they die. The laws cover issues ranging from how an executor of the estate is appointed to what attorn... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

Probate law in Ontario mandates that probate is necessary when the court needs to approve the vesting of assets of the deceased's estate, Miltons Estate Law Firm explains. The necessity for probate is usually needed when... More » Government & Politics Law
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For answers to basic questions about Texas probate laws, peruse the Texas probate overview at, reports Nolo. For answers to questions on specific legal points concerning Texas probate, find legal counsel through... More » Business & Finance Financial Planning

The probate process in Texas involves making an application, having a hearing, issuing a notice to creditors and inventory and conclusion. Probate processes may be initiated whether a will is available or not, according ... More » Government & Politics Law

The probate forms needed vary from state to state, but the process usually begins by filing a request for probate in the appropriate court, reports Nolo. Applicants need the original wills and death certificates when fil... More » Government & Politics Law

After someone dies, an estate going through probate involves proving in court the validity of the decedent's will, determining the decedent's assets, appraising the assets, and paying off taxes and bills, explains Nolo. ... More » Government & Politics Law