A pro rata salary is calculated by dividing someone's annual, full-time salary by any portion of an employment period that is less than a year, according to Discovering People. For example, if a full-time employee makes ... More » Business & Finance Careers Salaries

A pro-rata calculator determines gross salary after all the taxes and deductions are included. Users can access pro-rata calculators that determine yearly gross earnings and even use it to speculate the earnings of a new... More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations

Calculating a pro rata share simply means dividing a whole into parts according to ownership or use, according to the Legal Information Institute. For example, if Ms. A and Mr. S own 60 and 40 percent of a company, respe... More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations
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The yearly salary for a neuroscientist can vary widely, ranging anywhere from $50,000 to nearly $200,000 per year, depending on level of experience and the field of employment. Individuals with a doctorate in neuroscienc... More » Business & Finance Careers Salaries

Employee holiday pay entitlements refer to the federal laws requiring employers to offer a minimum period of paid leave each year, with some exceptions depending on the nature of the employment contract. The term also co... More » Business & Finance Business Resources HR

A prorated salary is a payment made to an employee for a portion of hours worked instead of their normal salary for a completed work week. A prorated salary is based on the employee's contracted amount of pay for the ful... More » Business & Finance Careers Salaries

Physical therapists' income varies based on employment sector and location, but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates an average annual salary of $82,180 for physical therapists as of May 2013. The median annual ... More » Business & Finance Careers Salaries