Printable mood charts are available online from Depakote, Bipolar Mood Charts and Massachusetts General Hospital. Most of these resources focus on charting bipolar symptoms, but you can use some for a variety of affectiv... More »

A daily mood chart can be found on the Thearpist Aid website. This printable daily mood chart can be used to keep notes of the situations and thoughts that coincide with a person's daily feelings. More »

Printable blood pressure tracking charts, pain level charts, doctor visit charts and drug classification charts are available for free online. These and more charts are available on, ChartJu... More »

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Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, is a neurological condition that causes severe imbalances in mood, energy and sociological function, the National Institute of Mental Health states. People with bipolar disorder exp... More »

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Depending on a patient's personal needs, treatment options for bipolar disorder could include medicines to help stabilize the patient's mood, such as valproic acid, according to Mayo Clinic. Another common treatment opti... More »