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To print a calendar online, select a default calendar for the desired year, or create a custom one on websites such as TimeAndDate.com or CalendarLabs.com, and open the printable version of the page by clicking on the appropriate button. Once that page loads, use the pr...


A printable calendar for the current year is available at free-printable-calendar.net. The calendar is downloadable as a Microsoft Word document, as an Open Office document, or as a ".pdf" or ".gif" file. It is free to download and print.


Calendar numbers available for print can be found on a variety of sites online, such as Preschool Printables. These sites offer a variety of themes and prints. Some of which are left blank to fill in the date of the week, month or year.


According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, a calendar month is a full month or a specific date in one month that corresponds to the same day in the next. Months were first used in Mesopotamia and revolved around the cycles of the moon.


A school calendar is very similar to any other calendar used to keep track of important dates and events. Schools often issue their students and parents school calendars that include the events or details of each school day in the year.


The easiest way to print a blank PDF calendar is to use an online resource like WinCalendar.com. You can also use your existing service, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to print a blank calendar.


A calendar day is a period from midnight on a given day to midnight on the next day. Thus, a calendar day is a period of 24 hours starting from midnight.