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You can create and print large numbers with a word processor such as Microsoft Word by typing the numbers into a document, then changing the font size of the numbers and printing the document. It is also possible to customize the font type and color of the numbers.


Large print books are available for purchase from resources such as Amazon.com, Random House, eBay and Thriftbooks. Amazon.com and eBay sell a selection of new and used large print books.


Use a comprehensive guide such as "The Complete Directory of Large Print Books and Serials" by R.R. Bowker to locate large-print titles at the local public library. This directory is published annually and lists tens of thousands of titles as of 2016. Books are availabl...


Magazines available in large print include "Reader's Digest Large Edition for Easier Reading," "Reader's Digest Large-Type Reader," "New York Times Large Type Weekly," and "Large Print Literary Reader." Some non-conventional magazines with large print are "Superb Fill-I...


To print large letters, type the desired letter in Microsoft Word, increase its font size until it fills the page, and use the print functionality by pressing P while holding down Ctrl. Alternatively, use an online service, such as TypeA4.com, to create a page containin...


Create a large print word find using a specialized word find generator with custom size options. A to Z Teacher Stuff has a free word search maker that allows users to adjust the font size of their crossword to make the crossword either bigger or smaller.


Order a subscription for the New York Times in large print directly from the newspaper's website. The paper also offers digital subscriptions that allow access to multiple digital formats on different devices as well as access to its website.