To print a 3-inch by 5-inch index card in Microsoft Word, click the Page Layout tab and select Index Card under Size in the Page Setup Group, and type the information for the index cards into the Word document. Print the... More »

Select the Index Card 3" x 5" option in Microsoft Word if you want to create an index card. After determining the size, you may type, insert photos and edit the index card area as needed. More »

Create birthday cards in Microsoft Word by selecting New from the File menu and selecting Cards under Templates. In the right pane, select the required card design and dimensions. If the selected template is not present ... More » Technology Software

To print information on notepads in Microsoft Word, click the page layout tab. Next, change the margin sizes to match the size of your notepad pages. Add a stack of them to your printer, and then hit Print. More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

You can create and print large numbers with a word processor such as Microsoft Word by typing the numbers into a document, then changing the font size of the numbers and printing the document. It is also possible to cust... More »

The easiest way to print 3x5 index cards is to purchase sheets of heavy paper that are perforated in 3x5 blocks. Another option is to print the information on large labels, then stick the labels on individual index cards... More »

To print an address on an envelope, create a new envelope file in Microsoft Word 2010 or newer, and type the desired addresses in the Delivery Address and Return Address fields. Insert the envelope in the manual feeder o... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Printers