Individuals can print turkey-themed coloring pages for kids from several websites, including,, and All four websites publish free printable coloring page... More » Education K-12

Find Halloween coloring pages to print by going to and checking under the Holidays section for printable Halloween coloring pages; other sources of printable Halloween coloring pages include More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Halloween

Educational sites such as FamilyEducation provide many activities for children, including printable coloring pages. Other sources of coloring pages are companies that produce products for children, such as Crayola and Fi... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Crafts for Kids
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Some places that offer free coloring pages to download and print include the RoseArt, Crayola and Educational Coloring Pages websites. Some pages on these sites are designed to help children learn concepts like numbers a... More » Education K-12

A collection of coloring pages designed to aid children in learning uppercase, lowercase and cursive letters is available on is another website that contains printable coloring pages ... More » Education K-12

Find printable nativity coloring pages by visiting either Christian websites or other sites that offer coloring pages, such as the Christian Preschool Printables, Bible Printables and the Funny Coloring websites. At the ... More » Education K-12

Depending on the preferred method of teaching, children are introduced to cursive writing concepts around the age of seven after learning to write in print. Between second and fourth grade, children are typically taught ... More » Education K-12