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Candidates in a primary election are seeking to secure the nomination of a certain political party so as to allow that candidate to run in the general election ballot. After candidates file to run in the primary election, voters select a single candidate for each office to represent their party.


Information on candidates in national elections is available on those candidates' official websites. In addition, third part sources, such as OnTheIssues.org, compares and contrasts candidates' positions on major issues, while groups such as the Susan B. Anthony List provide endorsements of candidat


To find information about local election candidates, check your local newspaper for local candidate and voting information, attend city or town hall meetings, watch your local news programs, and check online for more information. Check for information on the individual candidate's website, your poli


Find information about candidates for Florida elections through the Florida Department of State Candidates and Races website. The Division of Elections site enables visitors to choose between general election and special election races in order to find a specific candidate and related information ab


Virginia Department of Elections’ website, Elections.Virginia.gov, is an ideal place to find information about candidates for elections. USelections.com and Ballotpedia.org are also good resources for finding information about election candidates. Federal Election Commission’s website, Fec.gov, has


The purpose of a primary election is to narrow the field of candidates before a general election. Primary elections allow the people to play a larger role in the nominations of the party. The two main types of primary elections in the United States are open and closed elections.


OnTheIssues.org is a nonpartisan website dedicated to providing information and sources on different candidates' positions on a wide range of issues. The website provides quotes from the candidates on topics such as abortion, civil rights, corporations and education, and links many of these quotes t


Information about upcoming Georgia state elections can be found on USElections.com, which keeps track of all state voting information. This includes information about candidates as well as voting locations and times.


The state elections department or county Democratic Party lists the names of Democratic Party candidates in local elections. This information is available online or by contacting the relevant office directly.


Websites such as Vote411.org and Votesmart.org compile information about political candidates that allows voters to make comparisons among the candidates. Both websites include data for candidates running for national, state or local office.