The price of silver is displayed on websites such as Silver Price and BullionVault. Both websites use a chart to show the current silver price per ounce and per kilogram. The chart can be toggled to show silver prices fr... More »

To get the best price when selling silver, know the appraised value of the silver and compare it with the available resources that purchase silver, namely coin, pawn or jewelry shops, road show dealers, smelters or onlin... More »

Silver prices as current as the minute are found on tracking websites such as and The price of silver is displayed as one or more line graphs that state the price in U.S. dollars per ounce and ... More » Business & Finance Investing
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The price of silver fluctuates based on available supply versus fabrication demand, according to The Silver Institute. Within this basic premise, silver prices also rise and fall due to investors hedging risks against cu... More »

The websites of Monex Precious Metals, BullionVault and Gold Price show the live spot price of gold per ounce. On Sept. 16, 2015, the price of one ounce of gold closed at $1,120. More »

Silver tarnishes due to a reaction with sulfur in the air. Moisture and sunlight can also cause tarnish. More »

Silver stamped ".925 FAS" is made of 92.5 percent silver, and the remaining 7.5 percent can include a combination of other alloy metals. These other metals may include copper, nickel or zinc. More »