You save time and money by estimating the amount of paint to complete a job. Tools you need include a calculator and tape measure. For measuring vertical lines or long walls, enlist a helper. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

To calculate cost per square foot, divide the purchase price of a house by its total square footage. For instance, if a house with 2,000 square feet sells for $180,000, the cost per square foot is $90 per square foot. More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations

Rent per square foot is calculated by dividing the rent amount by the number of square feet rented. Using the annual rental amount produces the cost of square foot per year, while using the monthly rental amount produces... More » Business & Finance Real Estate
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To estimate an interior paint job, one must consider the cost of paint, the square footage to be covered, other painting supplies needed, the labor costs if one is hiring painters and any special needs of the specific jo... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

The cost of insulating an attic is between $1.01 and $1.71 per square feet, figures are based on a 500 square foot space. Price of insulation varies per home location and size of attic. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

As of 2013, the average cost of construction per square foot when building a home is $95 per square foot, as stated by the National Association of Home Builders. This data is based on a 2013 survey that looked at the cos... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

It's important to prepare wood trim properly to achieve a professional-looking paint job. Use a nail set, a hammer, sandpaper, wood filler, a putty knife, a rag and a vacuum cleaner to prepare wood trim for paint. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance