Many price comparison websites make money off of commissions; when someone makes a purchase, they get a percentage of it. Others offer special placement for companies that pay. Many also use pay-per-click advertising. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Some comparison websites for grocery prices include, mySupermarket and These sites allow users to instantly compare prices of various goods at different stores. More » Food Grocery

As of September 2015, several websites allow users to compare automobile insurance quotes and prices, including,, and Most of these resources start out with a ZIP... More » Business & Finance Insurance Vehicle Insurance
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Pronto is an online price comparison service that gives consumers the freedom to choose products according to their set budget. Hosted at, the service compares products of top merchants, such as Walmart, Amazo... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Some ways of determining whether tea tree oil is pure or adulterated include smelling it, checking the label and assessing its purchase price by way of comparison with otherproducts that are known to be 100 percent pure.... More » Health Medications & Vitamins Vitamins & Supplements

A person saves money with Amazon promotional claim codes by applying the value of the code to the purchase of items at Promotional claim codes can be acquired a number of ways, including directly from the Ama... More » Technology Internet & Networking

While you can't get anyone to take over your car payments, you can have them take out a loan for the full purchase price of the vehicle and give you the money for the car. This allows you to pay off your lender while the... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending