Find information about a vehicle's previous owner by ordering a vehicle history report. In order to get a full vehicle history report, expect to pay a small fee. More »

The Driver's Policy Protection Act makes it illegal to reveal the owners of a car by name; however, the VIN makes it possible to get a detailed history of the vehicle that includes accidents, repairs and the number of pr... More »

To find the VIN number of a car with the owner's name, use a reverse look-up service such as That's Them, which typically only requires the full name of the vehicle owner. To obtain more accurate results, precise informa... More »

A 13-digit VIN history report, typically used by potential used-car buyers, provides historical information on a particular vehicle. If an older vehicle does not have a 13-digit number, this report it not available. More »

The owner of a vehicle is disclosed through a VIN history report, such as those provided by CARFAX or AutoCheck. The VIN number that is assigned to a vehicle at productions never changes, so the VIN history reports show ... More »

The information attached to the VIN number of a used car can be found by obtaining a vehicle history report, according to Many online companies, such as Carfax, offer VIN number checks to determine the history o... More »

To determine the previous owner of a vehicle, request for a vehicle history report, also called a VIN check, which provides information on previous ownership, liens held on the car, maintenance and title history problems... More »