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If your house is less than 200 years old, the historical society may have a wealth of information, particularly if any of the house's previous owners were well-known in the community or the house was the site of a significant event in local history.


How Can You Find Out the Names of the Past Owners of a House? The names of past homeowner can be found by searching the chain of title on the home. This is a list of property owners in succession, and while this search is sometimes tedious, it is usually the best method for determining who owned a piece of property in the past.


Obtaining details of previous owners of your house, or any house, in the UK is straight forward so long as the house was registered during the period of your search. The fact that the Title Register only shows the current entries of ownership, without showing previous owners, is not a bar to finding details of previous owners through a Land Registry search.


There are a number of reasons why contacting the previous owners of a house may be necessary. Unfortunately. that information may not always be readily accessible. You may need to put on your detective hat, have a good internet connection, and start connecting the dots from several data sources to find the location of a previous owner.


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After I moved in, I found another suspicion about the previous owner of my house when I noticed a strange ammonia like smell in my basement. I then traced the source of the smell to the carpeting in the library room in the basement, and under the carpet was a boarded over hole in the slab, and below the hole was a rough hewn room full of chemicals.


All the previous owners of the house or all the previous owners of the land? That’s a different question. Most houses these days were put in as part of a subdivision. However you may have a house that was never part of a subdivision. In the old days you made a trip to the county deed records and did a search through the indexes.


Talk to relatives, friends, neighbors, even former employees - anyone who might know something about the house. Ask them not only for information about the building, but also about former owners, the land upon which the house was built, what existed at that location prior to construction of the house, and the history of the town or community.


When buying a house, you might want to know the home’s past value. This information is readily available to potential buyers or anyone else interested in such information. Visit one of the many ...


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