According to the Mayo Clinic, body odor is the result of sweat combined with bacteria on the skin. Mayo Clinic explains that the eccrine glands emit sweat when the body overheats, and this sweat evaporates and cools the ... More »

Eliminate body odor on a dog through regular baths, brushing the dog’s coat and using a pet shampoo. Schedule a veterinary visit to diagnose medical causes of the odor, and follow the recommended treatment plan, accordin... More »

The most effective way to eliminate dead rodent odors from walls is to remove the rodent carcass. In cases where this is not possible, the odor naturally dissipates over time as the body decomposes. More »

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It is not possible to stop sweating completely, but you can take steps to reduce sweat and body odor. Use an antiperspirant on your underarms instead of deodorant, apply baking soda to other sweat-producing areas of the ... More »

The skin excretes sweat and dead cells from the body, according to the Franklin Institute. Sweating and dead cell excretion through the skin is a function of the integumentary system, which supports the excretory system. More »

The four appendages of the skin include sebaceous or oil glands, sweat or sudoriferous glands, hair, and nails. The appendages reside in the dermis and are generated in the epidermis. More »

Hair shafts have various functions, including regulating body temperature, protecting sensitive parts of the body from harm and facilitating the evaporation of sweat, according to Dartmouth University. Hair shafts are th... More »