The body’s pressure points that help induce labor include spleen 6 point, bladder 60 point, pericardium 8 point and bladder 67 point, explains Healthline. Other pressure points that may induce labor include large intesti... More »

To speed up labor, BabyCentre recommends urinating to keep the bladder empty so that it does not impede the baby's movement down the birth canal. A woman can also take walks and remain active to try and increase the inte... More »

Ginger is among a variety of teas that are purported to have properties that induce labor. According to, some experts claim that sipping herbal teas can bring about labor, while others say it is simply a m... More »

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Natural ways to induce labor at home include taking long walks, eating spicy foods, engaging in sexual intercourse, and drinking small amounts of castor oil, explains WebMD. Pregnant women can also take the herb evening ... More »

Ways to induce labor include having sexual intercourse, going for a walk and eating spicy foods, says WebMD. Other ways to induce labor include taking castor oil or using natural herbs such as evening primrose oil or coh... More »

Researchers have not found a proven way to induce labor, according to WebMD. However, theories that acupuncture, sexual intercourse, long walks, spicy foods and drinking small amounts of castor oil can induce labor conti... More »

Some women claim that pineapple, spicy food, eggplant parmesan and licorice will induce labor, advises OBGYN North. However, there is little scientific evidence to confirm of deny any of these claims. More »