As of 2012, prescription eyeglasses are covered by Medicaid in 41 states, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Each state's plan varies by co-payment requirement. More »

Prism eyeglasses are prescription glasses that have a prism in the lens. The prism can be ground into the lens, or it can be a sticker stuck to the lens. The primary use of prisms in eyeglasses is for positional correcti... More »

Adults can get free eyeglasses from organizations such as New Eyes for the Needy. Government agencies, such as Medicare, also provide free or low-income eyeglasses and eye exams. More »

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As of 2012, Medicaid covers dentures in 37 states, and 29 of them do not require a copay, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Each state determines the dental benefits it provides to its adult Medicaid recipients,... More »

As of 2012, 51 of the 56 U.S. states and territories offer nonemergency medical transportation services through the state or territory's Medicaid program without a copayment, according to The Henry J. Kaiser Family Found... More »

Eligible veterans who receive VA health care benefits and have a VA primary health care provider also receive prescription drug benefits that cover all the medications they need for their treatments, reports the U.S. Dep... More »

Information about finding a doctor, emergency room alternatives, prescription benefits, claims status and video conference doctor services are account services offered online, states Anthem BlueCross. Forms including an ... More »